Dub Reggae DJs Presenting A Syndicated Dub Reggae Radio Show

Guerrilla Dub System Are Roots Reggae DJs Presenting A Roots Reggae Podcast

We are a duo of DJ/Producer’s who are based in North Yorkshire, UK. We specialise in producing live mixed Dub Reggae music. However, we have put all music-production on hold to focus on our roots-reggae podcast, Roots Conversation. For the recording of our syndicated podcast, we are joined on air by DJ Scooby.

As DJs, Cloüdbass & Andy Biscuit have a long history of DJ’ing around the North of England and further afield. If you want to book Guerrilla Dub System to play your event, get in contact at [email protected] – when DJ’ing, we play roots reggae and dub. We aim to sculpt a back-room Babylon vibe, with shadowy delays and bright spring reverb. If you have the night and the venue, we can adapt our brooding sound to fit the bill.

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