We are happy to tell you that we have a new release due out on the third of November 2017.

Guerrilla Dub System’s fourth EP is titled Space Bass and it is a certified banger. Here is the mashup –

Space Bass (Mashup)

by Guerrilla Dub System | Space Bass EP

We prepared a mashup – so that we would not give too much of the game away and give all of it away for free.

The artwork is quite special on this release. Our good friend, Matt Watson-Power, designed the artwork for our fourth EP. He took the title, played with it and yet stuck to the theme of a polygon grid – I love it. The font is the exact same as the one that NASA use. Here it is –

5056124651197 copy 1
Other than that – there has been a bit of a change around with our website – Andrew Backhouse Design was given free scope to do as he wishes. He came up with what you are seeing here. What do you make of it? We will be all ears when we hear back from you.
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