We Have A New Site

Well, it is pretty obvious, we have a new website. We have moved from www.guerrilladubsystem.co.uk to this domain, www.theGDS.website.

We were getting a bit vexed having to spell out “double u, double u, double u – dot – gee you eeh rar rar eye ell ell ay [BREATH] dee you bee [BREATH] ess why ess tee eeh em – dot – co dot uk.

So, we took a shortcut. We shorten our group’s name to GDS, so www.theGDS.website seemed a fit.

Although, don’t worry – there is always a re-direct from the old address – so, if you type in our old address a 301 re-direct points you to the correct website. It much the same of a muchness.


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