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Episode #60

Roots Reggae Podcast

Featuring –

  1. Tapper Zukie / Man a Warrior
  2. Mike Brooks / Oh Oh Natty Dread
  3. Barry Brown / Give Thanks and Praise
  4. Devon Irons / When Jah Come
  5. The Soulettes / Deh Pon Dem
  6. Sir Coxsone Sound / Poor Man’s Story
  7. The Revolutionaries / Fletchers Land
  8. The Ethiopians / Train to Skaville
  9. Don Carlos / Nice Time
  10. Ini Kamoze / Hail Mi Idren – Remastered
  11. Lui Lepkie / Positive Conversation
  12. The Traps & Liberation Group / Higher (Version)
  13. Hugh Griffiths / Limit Skank
  14. Marley & The Skatalites / One Love Version
  15. Lee Perry / Brake Out Dub
  16. Herman Chin Loy / Rest Your Self
  17. The Roots Radics / Craftsman Dub

Roots Conversation #60 – Show Notes

Here are the show notes for Roots Conversation #60, The Roots Reggae Podcast – We met at Creao Studio, again – with Masks. The studio has a new set of microphones and they are… well, we will let you hear how they sound. I am a fan of them; Sonotronic, British Built and good quality.

We mention the Bassist Ranchie McLean in this show – after wondering who he was in Episode 59. McLean (real name Bertram) was a Jamaican musician active between the 1970s and the 1990s, sadly passed away in 2012.

He was played bass for The Impact All Stars, The Revolutionaries, and Skin, Flesh & Bones, and playing on albums by artists including Earth & Stone, Culture, and Jimmy Cliff.

Thanks for listening, Andy.

Guerrilla Dub System's Reggae Podcast

We thought it would be a good idea to share with you the music that inspired us to make our music - our podcast is called Roots Conversation and we hope to get it to as many stations as possible. We play old Roots Reggae music that has got us to where we are today - we want to share with you our passion and love for the music that we play.

Recorded in Creao Studio every week, we have a lot of fun making this. For the full back catalogue of Dub Reggae Radio Shows please click HERE. We have a Linktree HERE - it shows you the our contact points.

A Roots Reggae Podcast

We have a syndicated roots reggae podcast ready for broadcast on your Network or station, or to download. If you want to play this show on your station then please drop us a message at [email protected] The show is free for your station and we look forward to hearing from you.

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